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Rowley Hall Primary School

To nurture happy, healthy, confident learners who always aim high!

Teaching / Non Teaching Staff

Teaching and Non Teaching Staff

As from September 2022

Mr K Fox - Learning Mentor and Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead (DDSL)
Mrs D Green - Parent and Family Support Officer (DDSL)
Miss S Hanson - Out of School Co-Ordinator


Mrs K Chance - Class Teacher

Mrs L Gallimore  - Class Teacher

Mrs S Neate - Learning Support Practitioner
Miss D Cole - Learning Support Assistant 

Ms S Shaw - Learning Support Assistant 
Mrs K Jackson - Learning Support Practitioner


Mrs N Aspbury - Yellow Class / Phase Leader 

Mrs E Austin   - Blue Class Teacher / Acting Phase Leader

Miss L Aitken - Red Class 
Mrs V Beasley - Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Stanley - Learning Support Practitioner/ Temp Acting HLTA 
Mrs T Kindon - Learning Support Practitioner
Mrs H Smart - Learning Support Practitioner

Mrs N Sullivan - Learning Support Practitioner

Year 1
Mrs C Spence - Class Teacher/Phase Leader

Mrs H Kilgallon  - Class Teacher

Miss H Palmer - Class Teacher

Ms J Bennett - HLTA - Higher Level Teaching Assistant 

Miss S Jones - Learning Support Practitioner 

Miss M Fisher - Learning Support Assistant

Mrs E Durrant - Learning Support Practitioner 

Mrs L Allcott - Learning Support Practitioner

Mr L Dunne - Learning Support Assistant

Mr T Howard - Learning Support Practitioner

Year 2  
Miss E Lowke - Class Teacher
Mrs E Martin - Class Teacher
Miss A Whyte - Class Teacher

Mrs N Messenger - Learning Support Practitioner

Mrs S Hanson - HLTA  - Higher Level Teaching Assistant  

Mrs A Hamer - Learning Support  Practitioner

Mrs Ab Smith - Learning Support Practitioner 


Year 3
Mrs R Haden / Miss D Robbins - Class Teacher

Mr C Dent  - Class Teacher  - covering maternity leave 
Mrs H Stewart - Class Teacher

Mr M Eden - Class Teacher - covering maternity leave

Mrs L Deacon - Class Teacher 

Mrs H Fletcher - Learning Support Practitioner

Mrs L Gibbons - Learning Support Practitioner

Mrs  A Greenwell - HLTA - Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Year 4 

Mr A Wheeler - Class Teacher / Phase Leader
Mrs H Austin / Mrs J Lennon  - Class Teacher

Miss H Eaton - Class Teacher

Mrs K D'Vaz - Learning Support Practitioner 

Mrs A Seabright - Learning Support Practitioner

Mrs M Colley - Learning Support  Practitioner 
Mrs K Gordon - Learning Support Practitioner


Year 5

Mr S Emson/ Mrs b Valentini  - Class Teacher
Miss F Brookfield - Class Teacher

Mrs S Jones - Class Teacher 

Mrs V Russell  - Learning Support Practitioner
Mrs  J Oakes  - Learning Support Practitioner

Mrs A Smith - Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mrs M Doolan - Learning Support Practitioner

Year 6

Mr B Poole - Class Teacher/ Phase leader

Mr T Osman - Class Teacher

Ms S Wildsmith - Class Teacher 
Mrs C Maybank - Learning Support Practitioner 

Mrs E Wood - Learning Support Practitioner/HLTA

Mrs D Adams  -  Learning Support Practitioner



Mrs D Phillips - SEND Teacher 

Mrs E Nicholls - Learning Support Practitioner


Higher Level Teaching Assistants

Mrs V Beasley - EYFS

Miss S Hanson - Years 1 & 2
Mrs A Greenwell - Years 3 & 4
Mrs A Smith - Years  6
Mrs J Bennett - Phonics

Mrs E Wood  - Year 6