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School Council



Rowley Hall’s School Council


Pupils in Year 1 – 6 elected three councillors for each year group (one per class). The council is made up of three committees, each of which will takes into account the views and ideas of children throughout the school in order to ensure that ‘pupil voice’ is heard loud and clear at Rowley Hall.


Each committee seeks to uphold a specific article of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and will ensure that all aspects of life at Rowley Hall are considered, debated and acted upon by our children. The School Council is the embodiment of our children’s right ‘to say what they think should happen and be listened to.’ (Article 12)


Sub committees are:


          Wellbeing Committee


You have the right to life and to be healthy. (Article 6)

You should not be harmed and should be looked after and kept safe. (Article 19)


Our aim is to ensure that ALL pupils feel physically safe and emotionally secure in school and on the playground.


We want to further improve mental and physical wellbeing.


                   Learning Committee


You have the right to become the best you can be. (Article 29)


Our aim is to collect pupil’s views on what we are taught, how we are taught and the way we learn including enterprise skills and learning how to be responsible with money.

We want to make sure we have the skills we need for the next stage in our learning.


      Wider World Committee


You have the right to a good standard of living (Article 27)


With rights come responsibilities…



Our aim is to find ways in which pupils can make a positive contribution in our local and global community.

We want to help others.











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