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Rowley Hall Primary School

To nurture happy, healthy, confident learners who always aim high!


 Head Teacher's Message  


Message from Headteacher, Nicholas Miller


Welcome to the Rowley Hall Primary School website.

The information on this website can only provide a glimpse into our school, so if you require any further information please contact us.

Rowley Hall Primary School sits at the heart of its community, situated on a residential estate in Rowley Regis. We are very proud of our school. Rowley Hall is a special place to be and we are a caring and supportive school.


We have a great team of teachers, teaching assistants and support staff that treat children with fairness and respect because at Rowley Hall ‘Every Child Matters’. The staff at Rowley Hall Primary School promote hard work and challenge; a driven, supportive body of people who look for the very best in each other.


We believe in developing all children’s love of learning in a safe and stimulating environment. We promote E.P.I.C. teaching and learning striving to ensure that our children’s learning is exciting, pacey, involving and challenging.


In addition to our termly parents’ evenings and annual reports we encourage parents to get involved in the many events (which are always good fun) that we arrange during the year. We work closely with our parents to ensure the best possible care for their children.


At Rowley Hall we are understanding, respectful and with a positive attitude towards life we aspire to achieve here and beyond. We strive to develop world class citizens for the future and we have a collective belief that will ensure that we do: If we consider any aspect of our provision to be of a standard that would not be good enough for our own children, then it would certainly not be good enough for the young people at Rowley Hall Primary School.


With this mantra in mind we work tirelessly every day to develop our school into the very best it can be.


Kindest regards


Nicholas Miller





The school’s vision is to nurture happy, healthy, confident learners who always aim high!

In everything that we do we promote Respect, Honesty, Happiness, Care/Caring, Trust and Friendship.

Collaboratively day-by-day we’re learning, growing and achieving together, striving to become the best school in the country!


Our Golden Charter underpins our expectations for all of our stakeholders and exemplifies our core values:

1.) Care for everyone & everything.
2.) Show outstanding manners at all times.
Always work hard and show commitment. 
4.) Aim high because anything is possible!





Our learning community consists of local, national and global links and each branch of Rowley Hall takes pride in excellence. Here, as the children grow in confidence, so does their desire to question and discuss, to reflect and apply their learning. Our aim is to ensure every child in our school reaches their full potential and has the skills to thrive in secondary education, so that they can go on to fulfil their dreams.

School Hours


Doors open at 8.40am when children may enter school. School gates open at 8.30am Registration begins at 8.50am prior to the school day beginning at 8.45am.

Pupils should not arrive more than 10 minutes before doors open. It is equally important that children who go home to lunch should not return more than 10 minutes before the start of the afternoon session.


Teachers are available each morning on the Playground to speak with, pass on messages or ask general enquiries regarding your child.

All enquires to : 


 Pre-School MorningsPre-School AfternoonsReceptionYr 1Yr 2Yr 3Yr 4Yr 5Yr 6
School Day Begins8.40am 8.50am8.50am8.50am8.50am8.50am8.50am8.50am
Morning Break         
Morning Session Ends11.20am 11.50am12.00pm12.15pm12.20pm12.10pm12.05pm12.25pm
Afternoon Session Begins 12.20pm12.50pm1.00pm1.15pm1.20pm1.10pm1.05pm1.25pm
School Day/Session Finishes 3.00pm3.05pm3.10pm3.10pm3.15pm3.15pm3.20pm3.20pm